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Why more and more exhibitions are looking outside…

More and more exhibitions and trade shows are finding their homes in temporary structures.

For many organisers, location is absolutely key to the success of their event, both in the short and long term. So why not choose exactly where you want your event to take place, and exactly when you want it? Close to a major train station, road or airport? In the countryside or within a city area? In a recreational ground, field or even a car park?

The great thing about temporary exhibition structures is you can choose where you want your event venue to be, and then build it whenever you want. The structures are outstanding. They can be kept warm in the winter, cool in the summer and can be transformed inside and out to take on the branding and create the environment that you want.

You can also select the event partners you want to work with. It’s your venue; so you can choose your catering partner, your AV and production supplier – you can even bring in your own event technology. After the event, you can move your location as you wish, or keep your residency for as long as you like: no contracts, no commitments. It’s the ultimate freedom for an event organiser.

At GL events, we enable exhibition organisers to produce the event they want, wherever they want it, every day. We give them both the space and the freedom to create their choice of business environment, on the outside and on the inside.

All it takes is a little imagination – something not in short supply in the exhibition industry.

Contact the GL events UK team to begin a conversation about your exhibition requirement, or download our brochure for inspiration.