Meet the team

CEO, GL events UK

Scott Jameson


Director, GL events UK

Keith Bishop


Commercial Director, GL events UK

David Tunnicliffe

Commercial Director

Director & General Manager, Seating & Stadia, GL events UK

Chris Mansell

Director & General Manager, Seating & Stadia

Director of Marketing & CSR

Rachel Baker

Director of Marketing & CSR

Operations Director, GL events UK

Darren Woodhouse

Operations Director

Group Health & Safety Manager, GL events UK

Julian Kirby

Group Health & Safety Manager

Group SHEQ Manager, GL events UK

Mark Duckett

Group SHEQ Manager

UK Group HR Manager, GL events UK

Sam Dalby

UK Group HR Manager

Finance Manager, GL events UK

Karen Sawbridge

Finance Manager

Marketing Manager, GL events UK

Andrea Goodall

Marketing Manager

Account Manager, GL events UK

Georgina Busfield

Account Manager

Facilities & Logistics Manager, GL events UK

Izabela Chrastek

Facilities & Logistics Manager

Sustainability Specialist. GL events UK

Jamie Connolly

Sustainability Specialist

Account Manager, GL events UK

Lucy Bardon

Account Manager

Project Manager, Seating & Stadia, GL events UK

Marcus Fairburn

Project Manager, Seating & Stadia

Rental Operations Manager, Seating & Stadia, GL events UK

Martin Price

Rental Operations Manager, Seating & Stadia

Account Manager, GL events UK

Nicole Room

Account Manager

Design Manager, GL events UK

Paul Kirkwood

Design Manager

Account Manager, GL events UK

Peter Curtis

Account Manager

Office Design Manager, Seating & Stadia, GL events UK

Russell Woolley

Office Design Manager, Seating & Stadia

Stadia Business Development Manager, GL events UK

Simon Wake

Stadia Business Development Manager

Project Director, GL events UK

Tom Alldread

Project Director

Account Director, GL events UK

Tony Bonsor

Account Director

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