Fast & Furious LIVE 2018

Named the world’s greatest car theatre show, the live arena event transports fans straight into the world of Fast & Furious with an evening of on-stage action, white-knuckle driving stunts, car chases and the smell of burning rubber.


The show premiere is a very special occasion that requires an equally special location, so the O2 Arena in London was chosen as the perfect venue by the organisers.  The premiere is known to attract many celebrities from around the world, so the organisers also wanted a special VIP entrance and red carpeted area suitable for press and photo opportunities.


GL events UK supplied a 20m long covered walkway with a clear roof and 160sqm of red carpet.  A further 70m carpeted walkway led the guests through to the arena along a zigzag pathway.


The schedule for installation was very tight for our on-site installation team, starting at 7am on the morning of the event and completed within just four hours.  The team was on-hand throughout the whole event to offer support to the client in case of an emergency.

Then as soon as the party ended at 11pm the on-site team moved in again, working until 2am the following morning until the whole structure was demounted safely.


The VIP entrance at the Meridien Gate of the O2 Arena in London was perfectly styled to receive the special guests.  Fans of the film franchise flanked the ‘Fast & Furious LIVE’ branded security barriers, waiting to get a sight of their favourite celebrity, pose for a photo or ask for an autograph.

The 90m red carpet route passed through several viewing areas where photographers and the media could get clear footage of the actors from the film franchise, plus other celebrities in attendance at the premiere.

Photos credit: DDA Live, and photographer, Matthew Whiteley.