The Hay Festival is an annual art and literature festival held in Hay-on-Wye, bringing together readers and writers both in person and online. Hay Festival is also managed by a registered charity called Hay Festival Foundation Ltd.

GL events UK has a long history of providing temporary infrastructure solutions to many festivals, particularly within the arts and literature sector. Having already built a long and successful partnership with Hay Festival, over the last 13 years, GL events UK returned to site again in 2022 to create an event village, comprised of 70 interlinked temporary structures and internal audience seating installations. With fully interconnected temporary structures, visitors were able to walk freely while carrying art and literature, helping to reduce exposure to weather conditions.

In total, this year, GL events UK supplied 3,967 tiered seats and erected 15,000 square meters of hard and soft-sided structures, all equipped with level cassette floors and carpets. Each structure was required to accommodate a range of venues for festival visitors, such as theatres, seminar halls, cafes and restaurants, book shops and retail units, workshops, covered walkways, and offices and welfare. The project required 5 weeks of construction and 2 weeks of structural dismantlement.

Fred Wright, Site Designer at Hay Festival commented, “The GL events UK team are great, and we look forward to seeing them. They really understand our vision for the Hay Festival and bring it to life! It has been an incredibly satisfactory experience for both parties.”