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Hillhead exhibition

Hillhead 2022 4 G9 A2127

Hillhead Exhibition is the world’s largest gathering of quarrying, construction and recycling manufacturers takes place biennially in a disused quarry in Buxton, Derbyshire.


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GL events UK have been proud to supply a large number of structures to organisers and exhibitors since the early 1990s, which are used for a variety of solutions across the 135,000sqm site.

What was supplied?

The exhibition requires a wide range of event infrastructure for exhibitors and back of house structures such as offices and catering. With such a large-scale exhibition and unique location, the temporary structures supplied by GL events UK had to be adaptable and provide a strategic solution to the organisers requirements.

The main pavilion, supplied by GL events UK, took up a total area of 3,120sqm and was used as an indoor exhibition hall which held over 140 individual exhibitors.

Additional bespoke branded 225sqm structures were created and installed for large outdoor exhibitors including Hillhead/Tarmac plus 14 other big-name construction brands, in association with the client Saward Marketing. “When you’re working within the exhibition industry it’s important that you have key strategic partners and I’ve always found GL one of the easiest to work with.” said Jack Saward, Saward Marketing.

The GL events UK team installed several back of house and operational structures including two registration pavilions; a 2,500sqm structure was installed to greet visitors on entry to the exhibition and a 40sqm structure was added for exhibitor registration only.

A 300sqm structure functioned as a large public restaurant and contained a kitchen, hot and cold serving areas and dining space for visitors and exhibitors.

The show organisers, QMJ Group, had a dedicated 225sqm office complex base with a 9sqm canopy, fronted by a long reception desk. Located out of sight behind the reception was ample space for a rest room, mess room, store and food preparation.

Navigating complex sites

Due to the unique setting of an abandoned quarry for the exhibition getting network or phone signal was extremely difficult. This meant the complex had to contain room for first aid, safety and vital network connections. On-going support was provided to clients during the three-day exhibition, with a Supervisor and Chargehand available on-site, in case of any queries or emergencies.

More than just event infrastructure

“Structures are only just a small part of what we do here at Hillhead.  Under the GL brand we also do what we call ‘turn-key solutions’, which is basically providing toilets, interiors, partitioning, lighting – you name it, we’ll do it.” said Site Manager, Shaun Mitchell. 

The hard work and meticulous planning from the GL events UK team allows the Hillhead exhibition to run smoothly each year. Each structure is carefully delivered to provide essential services and turn-key solutions for the event.