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Sustainability through and through

By 28/08/2019Company news

One of the things I feel GL events has learned as a business, and one I’ve certainly learned personally, is that sustainability isn’t something you can ‘add on’ to an event, or to a business for that matter.

I’ve been fortunate enough to talk with some intelligent people about sustainability in business: investment, return, and strategy. What comes across, universally, is that something that is ubiquitous does not create extra cost. ‘Adding on’ a sustainability component costs time and money; creating a sustainable event from the offset does not.

Equally, sustainable strategy and activity are not seasonal. They can’t be shelved when a business is busy, or under pressure. With proper commitment, they remain deep within the fabric of a company. That’s why I’m delighted by GL events’ announcement this month that we’re supporting Powerful Thinking and its Festival Vision 2025 campaign, and also that the timing falls in one of our busiest periods. I’m pleased this sort of commitment can happen at any time of our year.

In terms of the campaign itself, its one we’re really excited about. In my opinion this industry is one that can inspire millions of people, businesses, and even other industries in everything we do. In Festival Vision and The Show Must Go On report, we have a model that can be replicated across the business world. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.

Actions speak louder than words though, and I’m also delighted to report that we’ve practiced what we preach when it comes to sustainability across some of GL events’ biggest event partnerships over the last few, busy months.

Our work on behalf of The Open, Hay Festival, some of the summer’s best motorsport events – not to mention our work with Lancashire Cricket throughout a summer of quite brilliant cricket – has all been undertaken with our firm commitment to quality control, which includes CSR and ‘green’.

As ever, we’re delighted to be working with some of the biggest and most recognisable event brands on the planet, but also to be doing so in a responsible and sustainable way.

If you want to address sustainability at your event, our Good Event Guide is a great starting point.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,

Scott Jameson, GL events UK managing director