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Hay Festival

Temporary event structure at Hay Festival, supplied by GL events UK

The Hay Festival is an acclaimed annual art and literature festival held in Hay-on-Wye, bringing together readers and writers both in person and online. 


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As the largest event of its kind in Europe, the 10-day festival welcomes participants to take place in a vast range of activities and events and has taken place every May and June for over 30 years.

Each year the event hosts more than 600 award-winning writers, global policy-makers, pioneers, innovators, comedians and musicians, with renowned speakers such as Bill Clinton, Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie and Stephen Fry making an appearance during the long history of the festival.

GL events UK has a rich history of providing temporary infrastructure solutions to many festivals, particularly within the arts and literature sector. As long-term partners of Hay Literature Festival, we’re proud of our relationship with their team of event organisers, as well as the diverse range of temporary structures we install every year in support of the festival.

A transformation

During the festival, the rural landscape is transformed, with the creation of the event village.  As part of our long and successful partnership with Hay Festival, our site-team travels to Hay-on-Wye every spring for the five-week build.  

Each year we supply over 15,000 square meters of structures, featuring everything from traditional canvas pole marquees to smart, hard-sided temporary festival structures, all equipped with level cassette floors and carpets. Almost 100 temporary venues are installed to host all of the show’s diverse features and events, such as theatres, seminar halls, a food hall, cafes and restaurants, VIP and hospitality areas with feature roofs, glazed panels and decked terraces, book shops and retail units and even a cinema!  In addition, we supply service areas including workshops, welfare tents and festival admin offices.

With fully interconnected temporary structures, visitors are able to freely navigate the festival, while being protected from the unpredictable British weather. 

A unique event

Hay is unique in that the event features temporary structures from across our entire product range. By taking a consultative approach we can refine and innovate our designs each year, as the needs of the festival and its visitors evolve.

As well as the diverse range of structures provided, GL events supplies almost 4,000 Olympic standard tiered seats for the festival and more than 700m of covered walkways throughout the site, linking the various venues to allow easy, dry, weather-proof access for event-goers! 

Each year the Hay Festival team, with the support of GL events UK, delivers an impressive feat: bringing about a complete temporary transformation of the rural landscape – creating a space that transcends limits and departs from the ordinary. 

The GL events UK team are great, and we look forward to seeing them. They really understand our vision for the Hay Festival and bring it to life! It has been an incredibly satisfactory experience for both parties.

Fred Wright

Site Designer, Hay Festival

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