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Lancashire County Cricket Club

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Lancashire County Cricket Club has held first-class status since it was founded in 1864, playing matches from the iconic Old Trafford cricket ground.


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GL events UK are proud of a successful four-year partnership with Lancashire County Cricket Club; a relationship that sees the team return every year to install temporary stadium seating at Manchester’s iconic Emirates Old Trafford Stadium ready for the cricket season.

The GL events team will return to the site once again following the signing of another three-year contract to provide seasonal spectator infrastructure and tiered stadium seating.

Flexible spectator seating

The club required temporary grandstands to be installed at the Emirates Old Trafford Stadium in order to provide spectator seating for visitors throughout the cricket season at the ground.

It was vital that these seats provided superior comfort with additional depth and leg room to make them suitable for spectators throughout long cricket matches.

GL events’ stadium seating hire solution offers a highly flexible solution to increase match-day capacity at Emirates Old Trafford. Our temporary stadium grandstand creates nearly 6,000 additional audience seats, as well as ramps and stadium platforms for wheelchair users.

As a leading specialist in grandstand seating GL events supplied and installed five and a half thousand temporary seats for spectators during the cricket season.

The grandstand seating was split into two sections. This included a front section with a shorter rise and a rear section which was much steeper. This not only allowed all spectators to get a great view of the matches but also gave organisers additional open space underneath the grandstand for toilets and concession stands ensuring a efficient event layout and easy flow of customers.

Rapid delivery and installation

Due to the bombing at the Manchester arena the club had to cater for two to three additional events including the One Love Manchester concert and Radiohead. This meant that installation time on this project was drastically reduced.

The initial build of the stands had to be rearranged which left seven days to install the stands before the cricket season began. There was significant pressure to deliver the stands quickly which meant that the build program needed to be changed in terms of men and equipment required to allow for the build to be completed in a week rather than the usual seventeen days.

Flexibility from the GL events UK seating team allowed the One Love Manchester and Radiohead concerts to go ahead, despite not initially being planned. The stands were completed in record time ahead of the cricket season transforming the open space required for concerts to grandstand seating for cricket allowing spectators to view the matches in comfort.

“This year GL really surpassed themselves in terms of how flexible they were as our partner. We did the One Love Manchester gig and Radiohead soon after that and those two concepts weren’t planned so we spoke to the guys at GL and they turned things around. We actually built the new stands that were planned to take over two weeks within six days. We’ve got to have the right partner in place when we need to be that flexible”.

Anthony Mundy

Operations Director for Emirates Old Trafford

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