Ryder Cup 2014

The Ryder Cup is a biennial men’s golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States.  In 2014 it took place at the Gleneagles Golf Resort, Scotland and was attended by over 200,000 golfing enthusiasts.


Create stunning hospitality structures overlooking the first hole to give guests superb views of the PGA Centenary Course and supply infrastructure for the public facilities throughout the tournament.

Scope of Works

  • Single-deck Absolute
  • Double-deck Absolute
  • Triple-deck Absolute


Deliver stylish, high-quality hospitality with a finish to match the high calibre of the course – all installed safely, on time and with minimal disruption to the host course members and guests.


GL events UK found itself in good company as it shared in Team Europe’s success at the Ryder Cup at the Gleneagles Golf Resort, Scotland. Taking over two months to build, the trio of state-of-the art single, double and triple-deck structures at the first hole provided stunning hospitality facilities.

Guests had superb views of the PGA’s Centenary Course and could take advantage of the sunny conditions and spacious balconies to ensure that they didn’t miss a minute of the action as the two teams teed off over the three-day tournament.

The partnership also provided public facilities such as walkways, courtesy bus terminals and the waiting areas for the ‘park and ride’ facilities, making the event accessible for over two hundred thousand sporting enthusiasts who attended the six-day event.

Edward Kitson, Ryder Cup Match Director, commented:

“The size and magnitude of The Ryder Cup grows with each match and so do the complexities of the project with the ever-increasing demands to make the structures look more sophisticated both externally and internally. This takes a huge amount of planning and delivery and it is always reassuring to have the knowledge and experience of you and all your team both in the office and on-site, working tirelessly to share in our dream of delivering the best-ever Ryder Cup for Scotland. The Argyll Pavilion looked hugely impressive and all our sponsors and guests noted the quality and look of the structure both internally and externally.

“We all know that the event itself was only a very small part of the journey and that the build-up to the event in the previous years has required a huge amount of planning and dedication. Your team went above and beyond what we expected and we cannot thank you enough.

“We have received numerous complimentary letters and comments, and the Sir Jackie Stewart quote in The Scotsman captures the success best:

“From an organisational point of view and how the venue was presented was planned to perfection, the best spectator experience for the paying customer, and I have attended more events worldwide than I care to remember.

“In addition, GL events UK in conjunction with its Scottish partner Field & Lawn supplied multiple security and public facility structures both at Gleneagles and at the park and ride facilities that really helped with the smooth flow for our spectator entry and egress. I would like to thank the GL events UK and Field & Lawn teams for all their hard work and effort to help create a truly memorable Ryder Cup!”