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Hospitality chalet structures

Our distinctive hospitality chalet range, with their striking design, make for a compact and versatile addition to any temporary event. Designed by GL events in response to the demand from sporting event organisers for versatile, modular hospitality units, chalets can be used to create individual self-contained hospitality structures for private use by groups of guests.

Hospitality chalet ‘villages’

Alternatively, several event chalet units can be used together to make a larger, flexible entertaining space. This modular approach offers the ability to create large hospitality ‘villages’ containing a number of individual private hospitality chalets attached to a larger shared hospitality space that can contain toilets, restaurants, retail areas, public lounge areas, as well as back of house catering and storage areas.

The clever use of space within the corporate chalet system allows a service corridor to be placed at the back of the structures to provide practical access for hospitality and operations staff without compromising the event experience of guests. Each individual hospitality chalet is completely separate from its neighbour, allowing for both privacy and noise reduction, with the advantage of access to larger communal areas.

Branded and configurable event chalets

The layout really is entirely up to you and no two hospitality villages are the same, with configuration determined by number of guests, size of parties and whether or not shared space is required. And, of course, it is possible for each individual event chalet to be branded with corporate colours or logos, enhancing the personalisation of each space and offering corporate guests and sponsors the opportunity to increase visual brand awareness at the event.

As with all GL events structures, a wide range of Interior and Ancillary options exist to further personalise the interior of your hospitality chalet, either in line with corporate visual identity or simply to create an enhanced hospitality experience for guests.