Event fit out

Bespoke solutions that provide the blueprint for your event experience.


GL events’ reputation in delivering outstanding solutions to our clients’ event infrastructure needs is second to none. Our event infrastructure solutions go far beyond a simple structural shell.

The project teams we assemble consist of visionary project managers, innovative design professionals, and the best technical craftsmen. This combination of expertise guarantees you an end result that combines space, style, functionality, and depth with an overall quality that mirrors and enhances your brand personality. Take a look at the customisation options that can provide the perfect showcase for your event requirements.


GL Events Accessibility Icon

We're committed to offering the same level of access for all event visitors. With this in mind, we can offer a variety of solutions, such as wheelchair access ramps and viewing platforms, automatic doors and accessible guest lifts in multi-deck structures. All event accessibility features can be integrated seamlessly into the design of your temporary structures.

Ramp entrance to the hospitality structure at The Open Golf tournament. Supplied by GL events UK

Audio Visual

GL Events Audio Visual Icon

Through our trusted suppliers we are able to supply Audio Visual equipment for your event, as well as an induction loop system or public address system. 
We can also advise on power requirements for your event and provide everything you need for a dependable supply, including generators, distribution and cabling.

AV equipment at COP 25. GL events


GL Events Branding Icon

The fit out of your temporary structure can be wrapped or clad, either to mirror your brand identity, or to create an eye-catching statement. Whatever your approach, we'll consider the use of lighting, the way in which visitors will move through and interact with your structure, and how other elements of fit out will come together in achieving your objectives.

Branded temporary structure at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Supplied by GL events UK

Camera platforms

GL Camera Icon White

Our camera platforms can be integrated into temporary seating grandstands, or built as stand alone structures across your event location. 
They can also be fully branded with event or sponsorship logos, to reflect the identity of your event. 


Open Golf 2023 Hoylake0128

Clearview Roof

GL Events Clearview Roof Icon

Our clearview roof panels are perfect for creating a stunning temporary venue, which offers uninterrupted views of your surroundings. To make the most of a beautiful location, historic site, a bird’s eye view of fireworks, or spectacular outdoor lighting, the transparent roof type brings the outside in to your temporary space to create a truly memorable event.

Clearview roof on temporary event structure, supplied by GL events UK


GL Events Doors Icon

A range of doors are available for every type of event, including automatic sliding doors, bi-fold doors, glazed doors and of course emergency exit doors.



Electric automatic doors in temporary event structure, supplied by GL events UK


GL Events Fencing Icon

White picket fencing is available for external use, creating garden areas or defining a general area or pathway. Modern railing gives the perfect finish to a balcony or decked area, not to mention guaranteeing guest safety, while 2.1m (7ft) high white PVC screening can be used to conceal back of house areas. We can also provide fencing for cordons or barriers. 

White picket fence at Royal Ascot. Temporary structure and fencing supplied by GL events UK


GL Events Flooring Icon

Depending on the terrain and how your structure is being used, a number of different flooring systems and coverings are available. Specialist flooring for areas such as kitchens is also available, as are coverings such as artificial grass, carpet in a range of colours, and decking – ideal for guest walkways and for creating patio areas adjacent to your structure.

Flooring in The Feed Room at Cheltenham Festival, supplied by GL events UK


GL Events Furniture Icon

Whether you need banqueting furniture, bar or bistro furniture, garden, patio or lounge furniture, or office and conference furniture, we can provide it. Seating is available in a variety of colours and fabrics to complement your theme. Staging is also available in various heights along with grandstand seating for interior or exterior use.

Furniture in the Centenary restaurant, hosted in a triple deck temporary structure. All supplied by GL events


GL Events HVAC Icon

Our HVAC equipment doesn't just guarantee the comfort of your guests, no matter the weather, but can also be used to maintain conditions for specialist events, such as concept car exhibitions.  Our options include everything from thermostatically controllable heating units, handling units and chillers, extractors, through to packaged AC units and split AC units. 

HVAC for temporary event structure. Supplied by GL events UK


GL Events Lighting Icon

Light up the room! GL events is here to advise on the lighting of your structure, to ensure the most inspiring effects for your event, with an emphasis on safety. From traditional chandeliers and star cloths, to computer controlled systems that deliver high specification effects, we can tailor lighting to ensure it is used to maximum effect at your event!

Lighting in the QWAD temporary structure at the Ryder Cup, Rome. Supplied by GL events UK


GL Events Linings Icon

Make the most of the interior space in a temporary structure with our wide range of wall and ceiling linings.  Our ceiling linings are perfect if you plan to use large lighting trusses or other production equipment. Other options include black out linings, ideal for conferences and presentations, or star cloths, perfect for evening events. 


Linings for temporary structure, Ramadan, Abu Dhabi. Structures and linings supplied by GL events.


GL Events Signage Icon

Our signage options include everything from simple way finding solutions, through to branded leader boards, keeping your visitors up to date with the latest score.



The Open St Andrews 150th 2022 4 G9 A2534 1


GL Events Toilets Icon

If you need event cloakroom facilities, we can supply them - from a single cubicle to luxury washrooms. Trailer toilets can be linked to main structures via awning walkways or housed within their own structure for more privacy, while our bespoke facilities provide a choice of options, including wall coverings, carpets, lighting, solid oak trimmings and showers. 

Bathroom and toilet facilities in temporary hospitality structure at Ryder Cup, Rome. Supplied by GL events UK

Walkways & Entrances

GL Events Entrances Icon

Walkways are available as a simple canopy, or fully enclosed with fitted floors, carpet and linings, while weatherproofed links can be provided between two structures to create an entrance area. Alternatively, add a glazed atrium to create an entrance area with impact, or use one or more modular open sided pagodas for an eye-catching canopy, entrance or walkway.

Covered walkway at RIAT. Supplied by GL events UK


GL Events Walling Icon

Our interior partition walls and exterior facades can be hard panelled, soft-sided or glazed. Hard panels can be supplied with either a wooden finish or painted to order, while glazed options include 1m glazed window panels, 4m or 5m uPVC sectional windows, or panoramic glazing for display areas or to make the most of natural light.

Hard wall wood panelling in a temporary event structure.  Supplied by GL events UK


GL Events Windows Icon

All of our temporary structures can be designed with a variety of window panels, creating a light and airy space for your guests to enjoy. Options include 1m glazed window panels, 4m or 5m uPVC sectional windows, as well as panoramic windows suitable for display areas or for locations where natural light needs to be maximised.

Temporary theatre structure with windows, West Green Opera. Supplied by GL events UK

Focused on client goals and aspirations

Our team will ensure that consultation is iterative and absolute. With a wealth of diversity in our extensive product portfolio, GL events possess the ability to transform any temporary structure into a unique and outstanding display space. Every solution is a one-off and will be designed and delivered exactly in-line with your vision and aspiration.