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Multi-deck structures

The Absolute multi deck structure range offers a flexible and contemporary entertaining space, suitable for situations where you require your structures to have extra height for viewing purposes. Or if ground space is limited and you want to maximise the hospitality space you have available with a multi storey temporary building.

Multi storey temporary structure buildings

Double decker and triple decker multi deck structures are available and are widely used at a number of prestigious events across the UK. The multi deck range is very popular for sporting events, including horse racing and motor sports; where an optimum exterior view of the event is essential.

The ability to offer two or even three floors of hospitality space increases the reception capacity of the structure considerably. Multi storey temporary buildings can be personalised both inside and outside and it is possible to fit out each floor of the structure individually, offering different zones of hospitality with a distinct visual identity if required.

Bespoke multi deck structure options

With a choice of interior and exterior stairways, glazed frontages, panoramic windows, walkways, automatic doors and an optional 4m balcony with modern railing designs, the Interior and Ancillary options are almost limitless.

Multi-deck roof styles

The following roof styles are available on multi deck structures: (concertina options)

Curve Temporary Structure

Eclipse – This elegant curved roof option really sets our multi deck structures apart from more traditional alternatives and is guaranteed to get your temporary space noticed.

Plateau Temporary Structure

Plateau – This streamlined roof option offers an eye-catching contemporary twist to this unbeatable range of multi storey temporary buildings. Only available on 12m or 15m wide multi deck structures.

Peak Temporary Structure

Peak – Our peak roof is tightly tensioned to form a modern, rounded peak with clean lines. Whether it is used as a single unit, together to create a series of peaks, this roofing system will ensure that your structure really stands out from the crowd. Only available on the 12m wide multi deck structure.

Apex Temporary Structure

Apex – The classic Apex roof profile provides a simple yet elegant profile and is versatile enough to be used for any type of event.