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Overlay solutions for major events

GL events is a renowned leader in the delivery of overlay solutions for major events and festivals. Whether it is a single premium event or festival, or a multi-sport, multi-venue international championship, such as Commonwealth Games, our ability and experience in delivering bespoke overlay event infrastructure is second to none. Our expertise in overlay encompasses the design, planning, installation, and removal of all temporary infrastructure and services required to deliver exceptional sporting events with style.

What is event overlay?

Overlay is the generic term for the installation of a layer of temporary commodities that are needed to make a venue “event-ready.”  The commodities which make up an overlay project depend very much on the nature and requirements of the event and fundamentally, the nature of the venue – an existing venue that infrastructure and services already in place, will require far less overlay than a greenfield or brownfield site which is much more of a blank canvas. Commonly Overlay projects can include a wide range of the following elements: demountable grandstand seating, marquees and temporary structures, cabins (including toilets and concessions), fencing, scrim, scaffolding, temporary power generation and distribution, flooring, trackway, containment, signage, ballast, and lighting. The bigger the project, the greater the likelihood that more bespoke commodities might be called for. But whether your event calls for temporary rugby pitches, giant scoreboards, or sandpits, GL events has the expertise to provide everything needed to create a world-class event experience.

Project and site management 

As experts in Project Management for major events, the experienced team at GL events will handle every detail of your overlay needs, from meticulous design and planning to efficient logistics and timely delivery. We understand the unique requirements of major international sporting events and are committed to providing a cutting-edge solution that meets the specific needs of your event.

From structural engineers and quantity surveyors, to CAD and design professionals, health and safety experts, and even sustainability specialists, our project management approach – certified to ISO standards – ensures that you can rest assured of a safe, on time and on budget delivery.  We have the skills and construction experience to take on the role of Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, and can even manage any groundworks required in advance of the overlay project.

GL events excels in provision of event overlay for five key reasons:

  1. Our proven track record – We have an impressive legacy of successfully delivering large-scale overlay solutions for prestigious global events including the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, and numerous other high-profile sporting competitions.  This record demonstates out ability to handle the complexities and challenges of overlay at scale.
  2. A broad base of expertise
    GL events possesses extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of event management, including temporary infrastructure, seating, tents, cabins, fencing, generators, flooring, signage, ballast, and lighting. This comprehensive expertise ensures that every aspect of the event is executed flawlessly.
  3. Collaborative approach
    GL events emphasizes collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including sport, media, and design specialists, as well as organizing committees, suppliers, and subcontractors. This collaborative approach streamlines the entire process, making it easier for all parties involved to deliver world-class events.
  4. Design excellence
    As the Principal Designer for major events, GL events can offer a comprehensive design process that begins at the tender stage, using 3D modelling to visualize the requirements and broadcast needs of the event. This design expertise ensures that every aspect of the overlay is tailored to the specific event, setting them apart from other overlay providers.
  5. Health and Safety Culture
    As a key feature of our ISO certified Information Management System, safety is prioritised at our depots and on site. Our clients can expert the highest standards of Health & Safety on every GL events site, whether we are acting as contractor or Principal Contractor with a duty of care for the safety of all contractors on site.

Choose GL events as your trusted partner for overlay solutions and enjoy a seamless and successful event experience. Contact us now to discuss your event requirements and let us help you create an unforgettable event that exceeds all expectations!

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