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UCI Cycling World Championships 2023

UCI Glasgow 2023 - Gran Fondo - Finish Line, overlay provided by GL events UK
UCI Glasgow 2023 - Indoor Cycling - overlay provided by GL events UK
UCI Glasgow, overlay and seating  provided by GL events UK
Glasgow Green, BMX Free Park, UCI, overlay provided by GL events UK

The UCI Cycling World Championships is the biggest cycling competition in the world, bringing together over 8,000 elite and amateur cyclists from more than 120 countries to compete in 13 World Championships over 11 days. 


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GL events were proud to be appointed to deliver event Overlay for the UCI Cycling World Championships this year, which included the Principal Contractor role.

In 2023, the UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow marked a significant milestone as the first multidiscipline event of its kind, hosting all 13 championships in one city for the very first time. This historic occasion brought together the greatest cyclists from around the globe, with over 8,000 participants representing more than 120 countries competing across 11 action-packed days.  

The event organisers needed a complete end to end managed solution, in order to deliver a seamless experience for visitors. Each venue across the city needed to be tailored to specifically suit each different championship competition that was taking place, while impact on the local Glasgow community had to be kept to an absolute minimum. All this in a very short timescale.

Provision of event overlay

The GL events team took on the responsibility of not only of providing a complete holistic event infrastructure solution, but also managing all other contractors delivering other services for the organisers of the event. Leveraging our experience from the successful execution of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, where we acted as Official Overlay Supporter, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, our skilled team provided a complete end to end managed solution, using a skilled and highly experienced team. 

The bespoke overlay delivery included trackway, crowd barriers, floor coverings, tents, commentary booths and much more, installed at iconic Glasgow locations such as St George Square, the Emirates Arena and Glasgow Green. GL events even returned to Knightswood, providing a similar overlay structure for the BMX Competition to the one we delivered at the European Championships in 2018.

GL events curated a fully comprehensive range of overlay solutions across these four very different venues. At each location the team implemented thorough risk assessments, carried out on-site inductions, and followed robust health and safety procedures, providing not only a world-class event experience but also a secure environment for all involved.

Turnkey event solutions

In addition to the comprehensive management of overlay structures at the four event venues, GL events also played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of the media hub at the BBC Broadcast Centre. The provision of cabins, fences, and tents, tailored to the specific needs of the media, meant that representatives had a comfortable and functional workspace, displaying GL events’ versatility and commitment to facilitating all aspects of the event.


Delivery was not without its challenges, including the need to customise each venue to suit each championship competition. For instance, at St George Square, satellite pop-ups and road race-appropriate barriers were set up, whereas at the Emirates Arena, the requirements were entirely unique as the venue hosted indoor events like artistic cycling and bike ball.

Due to the procurement process there were tight time constraints for providing and installing the event structures on site. Nevertheless, the GL events team demonstrated flexibility, rising to the challenge and reacting quickly to engineer solutions that met the requirements of the event and worked within the client’s budgets. Their ability to problem solve quicky and efficiently allowed the provision of temporary structures that seamlessly aligned with the unique demands of the UCI Cycling World Championships.

Event infrastructure at pace and scale

Previous success at the 2022 Commonwealth Games served as a blueprint for the management framework that was applied at the UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow. Drawing on the lessons learned from its role in Birmingham, GL events was able to provide a multi-commodity management structure to ensure everything ran smoothly.

The rapid construction of structures across all four event venues was completed within an astonishing four-week window and everything was removed within just two weeks. Meticulous planning and execution ensured that the impact on the local Glasgow community was kept to an absolute minimum. GL events dedication to delivering high-quality event infrastructure within these reduced timeframes reflects a commitment to excellence and is proof of the team’s expertise.

The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships was a testament to the collaboration and dedication of organisers, contractors, and the cycling community. It showcased the world’s elite and amateur cyclists but also highlighted the capabilities of GL events in delivering outstanding event management and infrastructure solutions. As we reflect on the event, it is clear that the success achieved will serve as a benchmark for future multidiscipline sporting events.