2013 saw the Burghley Horse Trials bring a large and enthusiastic crowd to Burghley House in Lincolnshire for the venue’s annual four day event, consisting of cross country, dressage and show jumping trials.


We have supplied a large number of marquees to the Trials for the past 11 years, which are used for a wide range of functions, from VIP hospitality, tradestands, a medical tent and even a crèche for dogs.

Other requirements saw us provide accommodation for a media area, a covered picnic area for the general public, a secretary’s marquee and kitchens for the stable area.


In excess of 5,000sqm of marquees were supplied, compirising of:

  • Sponsors hospitality suite – 12m x 30m Absolute structure
  • Equestrian Vision structure – 25m x 35m Absolute structure
  • Competitors hospitality suite – 12m x 30m Absolute structure
  • Public catering – 250sqm of Pagodas
  • Media area – 12m x 20m Absolute structure, connected to sponsors hospitality
  • TV room – 15m x 1m Roder structure with black out linings
  • Dog crèche – 40ft x 60ft traditional pole structure with vented walls
  • Furniture – 1,200 garden picnic sets wooden and plastic, a series of hospitality furniture, banqueting chairs and folding catering chairs


Everything at the Trials has to be erected on grass and in wet conditions, therefore it is vital that we do not churn up the ground. In poor weather this can mean carrying large quantities of equipment into place by hand.

Everything has to be put into place within a week before the event itself and taken down within one week of the event finishing, so timing and good site management is critical.


The 2013 Burghley Horse Trials were a great success. We were able to provide everything asked of us in good time and, thanks to our expertise and care we, ensured that the site was in good condition when we left.

“I would like to thank GL events Snowdens so very much for your help with this year’s event. I think the team work and co-operation between everyone that works with us is unique – it is certainly not taken for granted and we are very fortunate.” Event Director, Burghley Horse Trials