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Bringing people together again in the future

By 10/06/2020June 18th, 2020Company news

When we sent out our last newsletter to our customers and friends in the events industry at the beginning of March, we commented that 2020 was shaping up to be an incredibly eventful year. The irony is not lost on us.

The last three months have changed our world – our businesses, and our family lives beyond measure and beyond expectation. And I doubt whether anyone has not been touched by recent events, on both a personal and professional level.

The decimation of the events season this year, has had, and will continue to have ,far-reaching effects for many of our customers, and many of our suppliers.

However the fact that our industry has remained united in holding together and trying to find positives in such desperate times, is a thing to celebrate. Events will not be the same again, for a long time, but the drive for innovation and vision in finding new ways to deliver exhibitions, sporting events, and mass participation makes us proud to be part of this industry and we cannot wait to be involved in making this vision a reality.

We are glad to say that the GL events UK team have had plenty to occupy us during the lockdown period – we have had the privilege to provide temporary structures for a number of NHS hospitals supporting their response to COVID-19.  We have also been able to assist the logistics industry in keeping their staff safe at work, by delivering canteen facilities, locker rooms, testing areas and queue management systems.

Of course not all our time has been spent in delivery and there have inevitably been a lot of bad haircuts, and a good deal of creativity in delivering back garden events and home beer festivals!

On a serious note – we are delighted to be now starting to plan for events booked into the last quarter of the year and beyond.  We are working creatively to help our clients incorporate social distancing into their event planning, and provide their guests with the confidence that every precaution is being taken to keep people safe.

If you are beginning to plan for your next event, however distant, we invite you to have a conversation with us, to see how we can add value and innovation to your delivery.

Most of all, we are looking forward to working with you, our valued clients and friends, again in the future, and be, once again, bringing people together.


Scott Jameson

Managing Director, GL events UK