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This is an exciting time for GL events…

By 19/04/2016September 30th, 2016Company news

This a business that has been around for a very long time; our Owen Brown brand celebrated its 100 Birthday a few years ago, and together our businesses have a combined heritage of well over 250 years.

The events industry has changed. Its evolved steadily, gaining confidence and momentum over time and is now on the cusp of emerging as one of the most important disciplines in the marketing mix, and one of the most powerful deliverers of genuine customer engagement. In an increasingly digital world, our role as an industry in bringing people together, face to face, has never been more important or relevant.

It is this engagement that creates a platform for sales, that brings a brand to life, and that creates an emotional connection as well as a physical one. It is this engagement that says thank you; to staff, customers, stakeholders. This industry ignites social media campaigns, creates talking points, and brings communities together around a shared interest or objective. The events industry is on the up, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

It is this market context that is at the forefront of our ambition as a business. Like many others within the event industry we see ourselves as enablers. Event organisers now know their worth and they are increasingly demanding more from the supply chain so they can deliver an event that creates genuine long-term value.

We help them do this. We create an environment where they can hold the event they want whenever they want to, wherever they want it.

Our job is to build venues; pop them up, take them down. Put them in areas of extreme traffic or unbelievable natural beauty; alongside major sporting events, in cities and towns, beaches and fields. Our job is to allow total creative freedom for event professionals.

It is here that we are starting our journey and to do this we need two things.

Firstly, I am committed to pulling together the very best people in the industry to ensure our place as genuine enablers of event professionals. We’ve already announced two major board positions; people who have been delivering for the industry for a long time and have the freedom of thought and expertise to create venues anywhere and everywhere.

Event organisers have too much on their plate to ask how things will be done, they just want to know that they will be done and with absolute excellence. To do this takes trust, and to deliver trust we’ve got great people.

Secondly, we know that with great people comes great products, and we’re also investing more and more in our kit this year than ever before. We’re upgrading the equipment we have, we’re buying more in and we’re using it to allow our team to make promises of ever increasing ambition, that they are 100% assured of keeping.

Creating venues takes great creativity as well as great materials, and now we have both.

In short we’re putting ourselves in the perfect position to support the industry in its own ambitions for growth and development, and to make sure our business is both a contributor and beneficiary of this growth.

Watch out for more announcements across our brands over the course of this year. It’s going to be a busy one for us all, but its also going to be another outstanding year for this industry and the brands and businesses we deliver for.

Scott Jameson, GL events UK Group Managing Director