A seven-day internationally renowned event exclusive to members of the British Antique Dealers’ Association, held in the Duke of York Square which runs alongside the prestigious Kings Road, Chelsea. The event is not run for profit but to give the members a trading platform in one of the most prestigious areas of London; an opportunity that many of the BADA members would simply not have otherwise.


To create an exhibition space that is not only functional but showcases the antiques and fine art on offer, creating a gallery’ ambiance in one of the most prestigious areas of London for an event of equal standing. Using high-quality structures within a restricted space, a bespoke ‘shop front’ attracts new buyers in to enjoy the prestigious products on offer.


A total of six structures, varying in size but with an overall space of over 4,800sqm, were installed in accordance with a strict timescale. The three main structures offered around 3,600sqm of exhibition space. The other structures were used for a reception area, restaurant, kitchen and amenities – providing a full turnkey exhibition solution.

The front-facing side of the structure was replaced with tailored expansive windows, creating a quality ‘store front’ feel and allowing passers-by to see what was on offer. Inside, the interior was tastefully decorated to accentuate the art on display and further add to the atmosphere.


GL events Owen Brown has been working with BADA since 1996 and has developed a fantastic working relationship that has allowed them to evolve the layout and use of structures over the years. One of the main challenges is the limited time and access available to build the structures and remove them once the event has taken place. With the location off one of London’s most notoriously busy roads, and open to the public throughout the year, Owen Brown liaises with the local council and police to create a small window where the road is closed and access is given.

There may be a long relationship between GL events Owen Brown and BADA, but the ideas are still fresh. The new frontage created in 2013, was attributed as the cause of a 12% rise in visitor numbers. While others may shy away from such a complicated setting, Owen Brown now has it down to a fine art.