We provided giant structures for the Frieze Art Fair held in Regents Park, London for 6 years.


Multiple giant structures combined to create a large exhibition venue.


Approximately 20,000sqm of giant structures are supplied consisting of:

  • 4x temporary exhibition structures
  • 2x WC areas
  • A foyer
  • A VIP lounge
  • An auditorium
  • A storage area
  • 2x kitchens


Regents Park is a very restricted site, we have to maximise as much space as we can by adapting the event structures to fit the available space.

The grass within Regents Park needs to be protected. We need to ensure that our giant structures do not damage the grass in anyway, therefore we raised the giant structures floor slightly to avoid the grass beneath being squashed and to allow air to still get to it.

Due to the tenancy For the Frieze Art Fair on Regents Park we have a very short schedule to erect this giant temporary exhibition structure.