Great North Run

The legendary half-marathon takes place in September and was broadcasted lived from the event by BBC TV.  Approximately 57,000 runners took part, including Team GB’s Sir Mo Farrah who won the race for the fifth consecutive year in 2018

In 2012 GL events UK signed a contract with the client and organiser, Nova International, to become the event’s official supplier of marquees.  Temporary structures were required for a variety of purposes and were used and enjoyed by spectators, part-takers, the press, the general public and event officials alike.

A special structure was used as the venue for the pre-event Pasta Party, where runners were given a free bowl of pasta to boost their carbohydrates in preparation for the next day’s race.

The BBC had an exclusive interview space and several other media and interview rooms were created.  These areas gave journalists and broadcasters a place to talk to the athletes and event officials, allowing them to create and distribute news content.

For the 57,000 runners, private areas were created for doping control, showering, toilets and massage.  There were also spaces for baggage storage and shelving, medical support and general hospitality.

Other spaces created for the event include public and VIP changing rooms and massage areas for the professional athletes and runners.  Private toilets, elite changing rooms and lounge areas were created for the VIP guests and athletes.  Areas for general admission, information and administration were also created.

In total over 12,200sqm of structures were supplied for the 2018 race – located along the iconic 13-mile route from the centre of Newcastle to the finishing line at South Shields’ seafront.

GL events UK supplied a turnkey solution for the event by delivering every element of temporary equipment that the organisers required.  In addition to the marquees, lighting, heating, flooring, chairs, tables and even garden furniture were supplied.

Structures supplied

  • Charities areas
  • Medical support
  • VIP toilets
  • Officials and press room
  • Massage areas
  • Public changing areas
  • Administration and information
  • Elite athletes changing area
  • Baggage and shelving
  • BBC interview area
  • Various furniture
  • Pre-race Pasta Party venue
  • Sponsors hospitality, including:
    • Elite athletes’ area
    • Doping control
    • Shower units
    • Kitchen

The relationship with Nova International has grown to see the partnership deliver temporary structures at a total of 15 running and swimming events in England and Scotland, ranging from marathons, half-marathons and 10ks to smaller mini running and swimming events.

Race and Swim events

  • Great Birmingham 10k
  • Great Birmingham Run
  • Great East Swim
  • Great Manchester Run
  • Great North 10K
  • Great North Run
  • Great North Run Junior and Mini Runs
  • Great North Swim
  • Great Scottish Run
  • Great Scottish Swim
  • Great South Run
  • Great Stirling Marathon
  • Great Winter Run and Cross Country in Edinburgh
  • Great Women’s 10k
  • Manchester City Games