Harlequins Rugby Football Club – stadium redevelopment

The Mighty Quins called upon GL events UK to upgrade the temporary South stand that was previously supplied. To further improve spectator experience, the previous stand was deconstructed and the roof support columns were removed from the front. This required a completely different design, with a major latticework truss to support the roof. Additionally, the club invested in enclosed ends, giving spectators enhanced protection from the elements.

In the main spectator area, which now seats 4,645 visitors, GL events UK’s hybrid system allows specially profiled aluminium risers and decks to affix to structural steel raker beams, enabling cost-efficient removal or replacement of seats.

Beneath the stand several concessions were created including bars with cellars, additional toilets, changing rooms and a study area, amply providing for spectators and players for the foreseeable future.

The result is a fully scalable future-proof solution.  Any future upgrades, including multiple levels for added flexibility, will be easily achievable.