A press launch and party for the unveiling of the ‘Isis’ sculpture in Hyde Park for the Royal Parks Foundation.


The structure needed to offer the flexibility to hold a press launch in the day time and transform into an impressive venue for an evening function.

The site chosen for the sculpture and the subsequent launch ceremony did not have sufficient space for a temporary structure, therefore a floating pontoon was needed for the structure to be built up on, the event structure would then reside on the lake itself.


We supplied a 15m x 25m Absolute structure with an Eclipse curved roof.


Unfortunately two days before the event the original event structure supplier decided they could no longer supply this event.


Thanks to the hard work of the GL events Owen Brown Account Management and Operations Team to turn this last minute brief around and the skill and expertise of the build team, the Absolute structure stayed firmly in place and formed a stunning venue The Royal Parks Foundation thought they may have to postpone their event, but a favour was called in and we leapt to the rescue!

The project required a great deal of care and structural expertise, we had to ensure the pontoon and event structure would stay in place, whilst not over burdening the pontoon in any one area.

Added to this, access to the proposed site for our vehicles and machinery was impossible, therefore the pontoon was built on the far side of the lake, where the structure was carefully constructed on top of it. Both pontoon and structure were then floated across the lake into position. The gables and panels were only fitted once it had made its journey across the lake, to reduce the ‘sail effect’ they may have encountered.

“With short time scales, a loose brief and what should have been far more than two days work we managed to turn the project around and deliver a hugely complicated concept to stunning effect!”