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28 | 01 | 19

Kent County Cricket Club

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Representing the historic county of Kent, Kent County Cricket Club is one of eighteen first-class county clubs within the domestic cricket structure of England and Wales.


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GL events UK was appointed by Galliford Try, on behalf of Kent County Cricket Club, to undergo a technical curved seating structure to follow the profile of the playing field.

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Adding value through spectator seating

The club required the new seating to follow the curvature of the cricket pitch at the Beckenham ground that was able to comply with all planning regulations.

Through renovating the ground and adding attractive seating, the club added value and allowed spectators to enjoy an optimum viewing experience.

The cricket club’s existing temporary seating was removed and replaced with a brand new 2,600-capacity permanent grandstand, as part of its major redevelopment programme.

The terrace structure incorporated a deep tread dimension to improve sightlines across the field of play and increase spectator’s viewing experience.

Adaptable seating solutions

The local authority specifically requested the attractive timber board cladding envelope to the rear and side entrances, to give the structure a natural and earthy appearance. The stand was set into a concrete structure and kitted out with beautiful green seats to blend with the environment and complement the stylish timber cladding.

The conclusion is a high-quality, attractive, cost-effective solution and the curvature of the pitch really sets off the overall aesthetic. Internally, the club also gained improved toilet facilities and roller shutter entrances.

The renovation project took just five months – and what a result!

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