The LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair, where high profile art and antiques dealers exhibit.


Multiple event structures combined to create a large exhibition structure.


Approximately 3,500sqm of Absolute structures were supplied, consisting of:

  • 4 x temporary exhibition structures
  • A restaurant
  • Toilet areas
  • An entrance hall
  • A reception area


The site chosen for the temporary structure was Berkeley Square, Central London. Berkeley Square is an extremely high profile and sensitive site and therefore provided us with plenty of challenges:

The plane trees in the square are some of the oldest in London, plant and equipment had to be carefully manoeuvred around them. Two of the trees actually had to be incorporated into the marquees themselves, with their trunks protruding through the roof tops.

In addition to this the Owen Brown crew had to work through the night so that the square could be open to the public each morning.


By choosing a temporary event structure the fair was able to offer its exhibitors more flexibility with their exhibition space.

The new high profile location meant it attracted a better type of visitor through the doors.