LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair

The LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair is an international showcase for art and antiques and one of the most prestigious events on the London social calendar. Over 100 exhibitors attend the Fair to present their sought-after art, antiques, jewellery, ceramics and all manner of precious things.


The client required a structure suitable for a large, high-profile exhibition. The exhibition also needed an entrance, reception, restaurant and toilets.

Structures supplied

Approximately 3,500sqm of Absolute structures were supplied, divided into separate areas:

• Four exhibition rooms
• Restaurant
• Toilets
• Entrance hall
• Reception area


The prestigious Berkley Square in Mayfair, central London, was chosen as the location for the exhibition. This is an extremely high-profile and sensitive area that raised many challenges for planning and logistics.

The plane trees in the square are some of the oldest in London, so the plant and equipment had to be manoeuvred very carefully around them. To overcome this two of the trees in the square were incorporated into the design of marquee, with their trunks protruding through the rooftops.

The on-site team had to work diligently through the night to make sure the square was open to the public each morning.


The high-profile location attracted a new calibre of visitors through the doors, including some from around the world. The use of bespoke temporary structures meant the Fair was able to offer its exhibitors a more flexible solution to their exhibition space requirements.