Pavilion of Art & Design (PAD)

PAD is the funky home of London’s contemporary Art & Design exhibition.  GL events UK has supplied the event since 2007 and 2009 was the first time it was located in Mayfair’s Berkeley Square, after moving from Hanover Square.


The client required a large contemporary space for a temporary exhibition that was also suitable for multiple exhibitors.

Structures supplied

Approximately 3,500sqm of Premier structures were supplied with a shell scheme divided into separate areas for exhibitions and the 40 individual exhibitors.


The square is a busy pedestrianised area in central London with poor access.

The plane trees in Berkley square are some of the oldest, so plant and equipment had to be manoeuvred carefully around them. Due to limited space on the site, the trees had to be incorporated into the event structure, with the trunks protruding through the rooftops.

The site crew had to work through the night loading and uploading the articulated lorries so that the square could be open to the public each morning.