At GL events UK, we’re big believers in event collaborations that solve problems, leaving event organisers free to do what they do best – bringing passionate communities together to share an amazing live experience.

That’s certainly the case with The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Peterborough Beer Festival. We’ve supplied the event for some 30 years, ever since organisers hit upon a last-minute licensing issue with their venue. GL events’ Peterborough division stepped in to install a 400sqm pole tent on the city’s river embankment – and the beer flowed!

The rest, as they say, is history, and to this day we’re delighted to partner with a massively successful event that has grown in footprint and popularity to become the UK’s largest tented beer festival.

These days, the highlights of GL events’ 6,500sqm temporary event infrastructure installation include two main tents hosting more than 350 varieties of beer, the event’s entertainments venue, VIP areas and back-of house infrastructure. Double-skinned, insulated tents ensure optimum conditions for bottled beers, while blackout and opaque PVC roof-covers ensure an ambient temperature (around 5 degrees cooler than whatever the weather throws the event) to keep kegs, and customers, cool.

All of this installed by GL events UK’s experienced site-team in one week, then carefully taken down again, until the next year’s festivities, in just three days.

If you need a solution for your event headache, or are planning a beer festival of your own, talk to our team today!