Roadchef service stations

Motorway service station operator, Roadchef, benefitted from GL events’ temporary structure offering, achieving its site development aims while delivering consistent customer service excellence.

Hard-working temporary structures from GL events provide tailored solutions across a range of commercial applications, enabling organisations to get on with business as usual during all kinds of site development and disruption.

Roadchef is one of Britain’s best-known motorway service station groups, offering leading brands such as McDonald’s, Costa Coffee, and Days Inn Hotels, and welcoming some 60 million visitors annually. With 30 service areas across 21 sites, it is also one of the UK’s largest motorway service brands.

Roadchef contacted GL events, keen to investigate temporary structures as a means to enable day-to-day operations during its multi-site development programme. Additional space was required at its Sedgemore, Norton Canes and Taunton Deane South premises, where temporary restaurant areas were needed to facilitate sales and accommodate customers during the refurbishment of its McDonalds restaurants.

Roadchef implemented our attractive solution, which comprised:

  • An 8 x 15m structure in place for four months at Sedgemore. Here, our installation was designed and built around a living tree. It was no problem for GL events to incorporate the trunk as a quirky design feature within the structure.
  • An 8 x 18m structure in place for eight months at Norton Canes. Here, due to the profile of available space, we installed our structure around an existing wall, which we incorporated into our design as an internal partitioning wall. Simple! Our initial solution was later replaced with a larger, 12 x 25m structure, to accommodate extended building works. This transformation was delivered by GL events with minimal disruption to Roadchef and its service-users.
  • Finally, we installed a durable 10 x 15m structure at Taunton Deane South, which was purchased by Roadchef and continues to solve an ongoing requirement for additional space.

GL events temporary structures are customisable and suitable for profitable use across all kinds of applications. In this case, our fit-out service included restaurant-grade, commercial quality safety flooring; roof-linings; glazed windows, smart internal walls to give a permanent feel and finish; lighting, and heating, with heating cabinets set neatly into the walls.

Professionally erected, furnished, branded and finished to your exact specification, GL events’ fully functioning secure temporary structures can be installed without foundations and equipped with kitchens, washrooms, and everything you require in order to respond to your organisation’s challenges and opportunities. Best of all, they can be fully installed in as little as a few days.

We can tailor an invaluable bespoke solution, allowing your business to address its growth, refurbishment, contingency planning and even disaster recovery requirements.

Contact us to discuss the ways in which a GL events temporary structure could provide the ideal solution to assist with your commercial challenges and opportunities.