Around the world, every single day of the year, GL events is involved in the production, management, hosting, development and supply of diverse, spectacular, innovative and world-renowned events, bringing people together to enjoy vibrantly immersive experiences and create lasting memories.

This short film highlights some of the thousands of occasions on which GL events, a global leader in integrated event solutions, supported and partnered in world-leading events throughout 2017. It includes key projects from GL events’ three divisions, Live, Exhibitions and Venues.

From the America’s Cup in Bermuda, to equestrian spectacles in the United Arab Emirates. From celebrations of wine and beer in Paris and the glamour of Cannes Festival to drone expos in Brussels and gaming shows throughout the world. From music festivals to massive sporting tournaments; from fashion and the arts, cuisine, commerce, constructions, technology, commerce, motoring and even the construction and management of entire stadium projects, GL events unites communities and brings passions to life.

As GL events enters its landmark 40th year, the company has reported consolidated annual revenue of €953.8m for 2017, leading the organisation, for the first time, to forecast revenues exceeding €1b for 2018.

Here in the UK, GL events has enhanced its commitment to excellence on behalf of our clients, quality throughout all our processes, investment in our products and people, and to long-term partnerships with the UK and the world’s greatest events. We’re trusted by some fantastic event brands and event production agencies to deliver the best temporary event infrastructure, and we look forward to some outstanding event collaborations throughout 2018 and beyond.

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