Thanks to its substantial student community, University of Manchester is one of the biggest universities in the UK, and hosts two annual graduation ceremonies to mark the academic achievements of its cohorts.

This historic institution approached GL events UK to provide temporary structures to comprise a Graduation Village, as an event space for graduation ceremonies and associated services. Requiring their solution on a long-term hire, the GL events UK team ensured that the temporary structures supplied were suitable for the client to use across a whole month.

Moreover, the structures had to withstand high footfall of attendees and provide dedicated spaces, for services such as registration, robing and photography, screening, and hospitality. In addition, the interior and ancillaries of the structures had to maximise functionality whilst providing space for graduates and their guests to enjoy the atmosphere.

A key challenge encountered by the GL events UK team was the access and security measures that the educational institution had kept in place for student safety. Since the site was located in the University’s car park and it was GL events UK’s first time building in this area, it was important to overcome the associated access limitations. As a result, the team worked closely with the university to ensure that the operational implementation of the project could continue, both with minimal disruption and maximum security at the site.

Taking nine days to complete and four days to remove, GL events UK provided four Absolute structures, including three with Eclipse profiles: 20m x 30m for Robing and Photography, a 20m x 30m for Hospitality, a 12m x 20m for Registrations; and one 15m x 30m Apex profile that was used for Screening. The total footprint of the infrastructure provided spanned 1,890 sqm.

Each of the individual structures consisted of insulated wall panels or double-glazed glass panels, handrails and ramp access, lighting, heating, power distribution, carpets, linings, and deluxe toilets. Special features were used in the interior, such as purple swags in the hospitality structure that coincided with University of Manchester branding. Additionally, a blackout roof and wall linings were used in the Screening tent to create a cinematic effect.

Overall, the temporary facilities had successfully transformed the university’s grounds, ensuring that all students and guests had fond memories of the graduation ceremonies, a statement backed up by Jane Pinder, Head of Conferences and Events at University of Manchester, “GL events were tremendous in helping The University create a really special event for our graduands and their guests. From the initial idea late last year, the University’s spring Graduation Village quickly developed into a project exceeding anything we had done previously. Throughout their planning and delivery, GL were on-hand to advise and adapt requirements, providing a truly professional service that was just what we required. We simply couldn’t have done it without them.”

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