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These are exciting times for the temporary event infrastructure industry. It seems we’ve hit a tipping point: the structures we create have become so sophisticated that we’ve opened a whole raft of new creative thinking from our clients, as well as our project management teams…

Over the last 18 months our customers have increasingly pushed the boundaries of design, both inside and outside the temporary buildings we create. This may be because, with our single-decked or multi-storey, spacious and expansive or bespoke partitioned interiors offering everything from lifts and climate control to automatic doors, panoramic viewing panels, quality amenities, landscaped gardens, balconies and decked terraces, we’ve injected creative confidence into our clients’ thinking.

In turn they’ve inspired us; while increasingly challenging GL events to join the party, so to speak. Last year we exhibited a temporary country pub at the Showman’s Show, simply demonstrating how a temporary structure can be transformed to deliver any event concept. Once inside, visitors barely know they’re in a temporary structure: our solutions are luxurious, highly versatile and comfortable, offering an immersive retreat from the elements, a break from (or a different view of) the day’s activities, and a tailored event experience.

This is a significant moment in our time as creators of temporary venues. We’ve always empowered creative event professionals to create the spaces they want, wherever and whenever they want them. But now, more than ever, we’re challenged with bringing complete creative interior concepts to life as we increasingly approach creative interior concept, layout, and exterior as one seamless production. This is testament to the relationships we’ve developed as well as the quality and vision of our customers, who are confident enough to push GL events to design and deliver the very best event concepts on their behalf.

So, what complete event overlay challenges lie ahead? This summer’s event-goers might well experience a GL events solution in the shape of a cocktail lounge at a corporate hospitality event, a business club at an exhibition, temporary bars, coffee shops, restaurants, bistros and vibrant, pop-up city centre food markets. We’ve already delivered car show rooms; interactive retail outlets; experiential event showcases that bring event-goers face-to-face with brands; pop-up shops displaying Oxford Street’s best, only in the fresh air.

How will we continue to bring the outside in, incorporating innovative interior design that spills outside and around our structures, to create an even more enticing welcome? It’s becoming a virtuous circle between ourselves and our customers; a creative competition wherein we push each other to do new and better things. One thing is certain: it’s driving us to raise the bar while upholding our commitment to absolute quality, across everything we do.

What is clear is that the shackles are off. We’ve created the space for this development and now it’s up to creative, clever and inspired event professionals – both inside and outside of our business – to fill it!