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GL events champions events industry buoyancy in challenging times

By 31/01/2017Company news

Running a business is a lot like running an event. When it works, it’s because a collection of different teams and individuals work together to create something that’s worth more than the sum of its parts.

Both rely on a diverse set of skills: creativity, sound management, technical expertise, sales, marketing and agile operations. In events, much like within a business, every part relies on the entire structure in order to perform and succeed.

The same is true of our industry. At our best we’re like the most successful events. Innovative ideas meet skilled execution. New events are created; they evolve, they’re reimagined and delivered beyond the expectations of the visitor. We knit together to create products and relationships that add value and meaning to millions of people.

This can be difficult. Like all industries, we face challenges, disruption and instability. This year could be tough for anyone involved in producing and supporting events. So it’s at this point that we need to ensure we don’t lose our nerve. We must understand our value and show the confidence of an industry at the top of its game.

There may be tough times ahead; but I for one feel really buoyant. In our business at GL events, like many of our clients and the best of our industry, we’re a great team, we work on some amazing, iconic events, and we’re lucky enough to partner with some exceptional event professionals.

Scott Jameson, GL events UK Managing Director