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GL events UK launches ‘Good Event Guide’

By 14/02/2019Company news

GL events UK launches ‘Good Event Guide’

GL events UK has launched a ‘Good Event Guide’, offering event organisers a ‘smorgasbord’ of tips and ideas on what a good event could look like. Presented through the voices of industry experts, the guide takes a panoramic look into sustainability, exploring the relevance of CSR, and the importance of health and wellbeing in the events community today.

Featuring commentary and the opinions from the likes of: Nick Morgan – We are the Fair, Selina Donald – The Bulb, Claire O’Neill – A Greener Festival, and Kate Sandle – B Lab UK, the guide covers a wide range of topics including; top tips for going green, the business of sustainability and case studies on events that have shown ‘good’ practice. Succeeding its last ‘How to …’ guide, the ‘good’ events guide is in digital format and accessible to anyone within the industry.

Over the last 12 months, GL events UK has developed an enviable reputation for its work on improving sustainable practice and CSR across the industry, having both instigated or been a part of a number of community discussions on the topic, and earlier this year was awarded for its achievement in sustainability by Major Events International (MEI). This research has now been assembled into a fun and engaging first steps guide.

“Over the course of this journey we’ve worked with some brilliant people with great ideas and so, in true GL events style, we have produced an online guide to creating ‘good’ events. We’ve called it a smorgasbord of ideas, inspiration, top tips and comments from all the people we’ve met over the years, and who have something to say on this important subject,” comments Rachel Baker, GL events UK.

“The guide isn’t just about CSR, sustainability and all things green though. It covers health and wellness within teams, how to build a strong event culture and all sorts of other areas that mean it’s not just about green events, but ‘good’ events.”

“We think it’s really important to identify that sometimes events can’t be good, and that’s ok! All we can do as event professionals who care, is approach our next event with the right attitude, and for us at GL events, this is about wanting to be ‘good’. It’s about wanting to minimise impacts where possible, and this is what we hope the guide will help inspire,” concludes Rachel.

This guide is the second in a series of ‘how-to’ guides from GL events UK, the first being the ‘How to organise and event’ guide launched in 2018.

To read the full Good Event Guide, please click here.