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‘Good Event Guide’ – The business of sustainability

The business of sustainability

Kate Sandle, Community and Outreach Manager, B Corporation

An excerpt from the ‘Good Event Guide’ by GL events UK

Consumers are reacting positively to sustainability, leaning towards ethical purchasing and consequently preferring to work with, and invest in, those businesses that share similar ethics. The knock-on effect is equally positive. Organisations who show commitment to CSR often pass on this energy through their own relationships, encouraging others to do the same, whether that is their own supply chain, their contractors, or even the people that work within their organisation.

There are many other reasons why corporate responsibility strategies make good business sense. Organisations that have strong commitments to CSR distinguish themselves as frontrunners in innovative thinking, which can often help them stand out amongst their competitors, not only as a positive economic force but as an organisation that has concerns beyond their bottom line. In the same vein, today’s employees care more about the impact and purpose of their work than before, and therefore those who invest in sustainability strategies will be able to recruit and retain staff more proficiently.

People want to work for, buy from, and invest in, businesses and brands they believe in. We at B Corporation recognise this culture shift and are building a community of leaders who are accelerating this movement and redefining business success around a more ethical and sustainable agenda.

What is B Corp?

B Corporation is an initiative that provides certification and credibility for businesses that advocate change for good. It measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance, assessing the impact of an organisation’s business model on its workers, the community, the environment and its customers. Its certification proves your business is meeting the highest standard of verified performance and acts as a powerful way to build credibility, trust, and value whilst enabling the company to be recognised as a leader of conscious thinking and a trailblazer for positive change.

How to become a B Corp?

There is a list of requirements that businesses need to be able to fulfil in order to become B Certified. Find out how your business can meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance:

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