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New ‘How to’ guide set for 2019 launch

By 10/12/2018May 3rd, 2019Company news

Over the last 12 months GL events UK has developed an enviable reputation for its work around sustainable events. Earlier this year the company received a special award for sustainability from Major Events International (MEI), and the business has either been part of, or instigated, a number of industry discussions and forums to improve CSR proactivity across the live events community.

Over the course of this journey GL events UK has also worked with a number of thought leaders around the industry, who share the same commitment to sustainability initiates. In collaboration with these influencers, the company has produced an online guide to creating ‘good’ events.

GL events UK is calling the guide ‘a smorgasbord of ideas, inspiration, top tips and comments from all the people it has met over the years, and who have something to say on this important subject’. The guide isn’t just about CSR, sustainability, and ‘green’ related subjects. It covers health and wellness within teams, how to build a strong event culture, and much, much more; meaning it looks beyond just ‘green’ events, but ‘good’ events.

The GL events UK Good Event Guide will be an online resource that goes live in January and will be shared across the industry.