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Quality, recognition and responsibility: keywords for a big summer

By 09/04/2019Company news

For some in the events industry, the traditional season of May to September, is nearly upon us. However, I still feel this traditional bracket is getting longer; for many of the people we work with, it’s more like March to October, for our friends over at Cheltenham it’s November through to March. It seems we’re becoming more of a 12-month industry every day.

Regardless of when it starts, we are once again entering another iconic summer of great British events, and we’re delighted to be doing our bit. I write this not long after another fantastic Cheltenham Festival, where thousands of spectators experienced outstanding hospitality in our stunning three-story structures; it’s an event we remain incredibly proud to be a part of.

Cheltenham will be no different from the many other events we’ll be at this summer in one respect, and that is the demand for quality. Live events have one thing in common, they are not practice runs, we all need to get it right on the day. It is hopefully reassuring to our customers then that over the winter period GL events UK was part of a team that won two industry awards, adding to an already healthy awards cabinet here at Castle Donnington. 

These awards mean a lot to our staff, the people that work so long and hard throughout the year for our clients, but they also mean a lot to our customers, who take a great deal of confidence for the accolades we receive. What makes me really happy though is the long-term commitment we earn from getting things right, and you’ll see below some great new extensions with our friends at Hay Festival, and a brilliant execution at The Greatest Dancer show on ITV. It shows that if we get things right, our clients reward us with loyalty.

Finally, no matter how busy life gets over the next few months, we’ll not be taking our eyes off our responsibility to communities and the environment. Over the course of the winter we’ve been creating the ‘Good Event Guide’; a web-based report that we’re calling a smorgasbord of ideas and inspiration that encourages better, more sustainable events, in essence, ‘good’ with a halo.

Good luck for another brilliant summer of events!

Scott Jameson