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It’s customary for me to use my summer review as a chance to wax lyrical about the huge amount of amazing events we’re involved in, and to talk about how much we enjoy and relish this special part of the year in the outdoor events industry.

Shortly after publication I then catch up with the employees of GL events UK and I am reminded just how much work they are putting in, the additional hours, the last-minute requests, the challenges that come with building structures of such scale, outdoors, and ready to be used by thousands of people.  The idea of asking them to gaze in wonder at the marvel of our industry, is perhaps a little unfair on them; they’re focused on delivering.

This year is no different either, more and more we’re being asked to look after bigger, better structures, across myriad of events, and increasingly including what goes into the build as well as the build itself. Over the last 18 months these projects have been planned ready for a flawless execution on site by our talented team of event professionals.

One of the most exciting is our recent contract win of the Glasgow 2018 European Championships, and we’re delighted to be finally sharing this news with you. But this newsletter is also about the work that goes on to support these events in the wider community, be it local, national or international. We’ve been working in partnership with Queen Margaret University to get some of their event students into the volunteer programme. Finally, our efforts in sustainable events have also received more recognition, this time from our friends at Major Events International (MEI).

All of these projects, be they big or small, interior or exterior, producing for events or supporting ‘better’, more sustainable events, takes time and effort from our talented team. So, for this newsletter only, I’ll keep the overarching message to a very heartfelt thank you, on behalf of everyone at GL events UK and our clients.

Scott Jameson, Managing Director