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Temporary structures enhance new vehicle registration events

As a seasoned professional in the world of car dealerships, you might well have mixed emotions as September rolls into view once more. The launch of the new registration plate is such a crucial period for sales but brings with it the pressure of increased turnaround and delivery, additional pressure on your on-site facilities and, perhaps most importantly, the need to maintain the expectations of your customers and provide them with service which is consistent with your all-important brand image.

It is impossible to overplay the emotionally-loaded journey of your customer as they buy a new car, and a new registration plate. As they decide to put their faith in your brand, as they select their model and specification, they enter a relationship of trust with you, as dealer principal, and your team. As you guide your customer through the process, from selecting their vehicle, through test drive and specification, to final arrangements for delivery and collection, it is so important that you and your team meet – or even better – exceed customer expectations, giving you the opportunity to build long-term customer and brand loyalty.

With so much additional business coming through your dealership during new vehicle registration events, you could be forgiven for thinking that by efficiently managing the flow of new vehicles into your dealership and out again as quickly as possible, you are doing everything you can to meet these customer expectations. After all, it is hard enough to manage potential logistical delays to delivery and other possible hiccups which could upset your customer’s smooth journey to new car ownership, as well as trying to find space on site for new cars awaiting collection, without worrying about what the handover actually looks like.

But in reality, this final contact between you and your customer – before after care and maintenance take over – has the potential to be the final piece in the customer’s jigsaw of total satisfaction, and the difference between expectations being managed, and exceeded.

Which is where we come in. GL events is no stranger to providing our customers with the perfect temporary event venue within which they can play out events of all descriptions – from an intimate gathering, to an international sporting event on the grandest of scales. We set the stage for our clients to deliver, and our work providing temporary structures for car dealerships at new vehicle registration events across the country is no different. By providing an aesthetically pleasing, undercover area where your customer can meet their new vehicle for the first time – clean, dry and in the best possible condition, you will be closing the loop in excellent customer service, and sending owner and vehicle on their way together – happy.

Stratstone Land Rover is just one franchise which has reaped the benefits of providing this final service for their new car customers. They came to us for a short-term solution to store new cars which were waiting to be collected, and we delivered a hard-sided 8m by 10m temporary structure which met the brief perfectly – combining practicality and aesthetics with excellent customer service: an ideal solution for Stratstone Land Rover‘s new vehicle handover event.

Temporary structures, ranging from marquees for new vehicle registration events to temporary car showrooms, provide smart additional space for car dealerships. To see what we can add to your customer experience at new vehicle registration events this September, get in touch with our experienced, capable, and helpful sales team.