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A joint commitment to excellence

By 11/07/2017Company news

Like many others in the industry, I find myself constantly waxing lyrical about the quality of the events we’re involved in every day. I also find it immensely satisfying that our business plays its own part in the production and creation of these events.

Already this summer we’re once again witness to some of the finest occasions staged anywhere in the world.

But it’s not just the quality of events that has this summer shaping up to be one of our most memorable. I’m delighted by how many agreements we have struck with our customers, to extend our working relationships into multi-year partnerships. In the last few weeks alone we’ve announced long-term contracts with The Boodles, in the world of tennis, The Ryder Cup and Open de France in major golfing events, and with British Athletics.

So, while we constantly marvel at the quality of our clients’ events, it seems that we’ve earned our place as a lasting fixture and member of their operations teams, too. It means we can look forward to evolving our relationships with these events, allowing us to collaborate in the delivery of better, bigger and more ambitious things, and to see the fruition of these efforts.

I’m also delighted to say that in signing a long-term partnership with our GL events UK, our clients are further endorsing and underlining their own commitment to excellence: it’s not just our business that wants to work with the very best.

Our business exists to support major events, and we can only do so thanks to the faith and support of our customers. When clients commit to long-term partnership with GL events, we can further invest in our product, innovation, and our delivery team. It means we can improve as a business and, in turn, offer an even better standard of product and service.

It seems a while ago now since I first announced investment in our product and our team. It wasn’t long after that we were announcing new contracts and extensions of existing partnerships. I always said that our success would be lead to reinvestment in our business, rewarding the loyalty of our clients, and that’s what we’ll do.

We’re looking forward to sharing more news from GL event UK over the next few months. In the meantime… enjoy the summer, and enjoy your experience of some of the UK’s most iconic events.

Scott Jameson, GL events UK Group Managing Director