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A massive year

By 10/12/2018May 3rd, 2019Company news

If you’re like me and, as we near the end of another massive year, take time to look back at the schedule for the last 12 months, it’s just staggering how much has happened. Even for a business of our size and strength, it’s been a massive year. I look back at projects we delivered at the beginning of the year, and even the beginning of the Summer, and they feel like a world away.

Usually I start with news and remarks about wins and projects from our business, but given the above and the time of year, I wanted to commit this one personally to thanking the outstanding team we have here at GL events UK. It may well have slipped past the radar of many, but this year is the 40th Anniversary of GL events, and I’m delighted that we can look back on 2018 with a huge amount of pride for what we have achieved across our business.

This year we have delivered the Glasgow 2018 European Championships and the 42nd Ryder Cup.  Two massive projects that challenged us and drove us to deliver our best results ever.  The multi-deck structures at Ryder Cup were some of the first of their kind and the seating grandstand was the biggest ever in the history of the Ryder Cup.

Also delivered this year was the completion of the Stagecoach stand at Exeter City Football Club and the start of stadia redevelopment works at Plymouth Argyle Football Club.

However, as we look forward to another year, I wanted to underline why I believe we have seen so much success this year, and for me it is around three core areas; quality, environment and health and safety. Each stand on their own, but they also combine to create an environment where we can produce great work for customers, whilst looking after each other as a team. Our commitment to quality has set us apart from our competition, and led to the strengthening of our relationships with our clients on a long-term basis.

Lastly though, it is those clients that I’d like to thank. Together we’ve been a part of some of the most iconic events in the world, and have created great experiences for millions of spectators. It’s a special industry we work in, and we love being a part of it with you.

Have a great Christmas, and a well-earned break.

Scott Jameson