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GL events to host new events industry leadership forum

By 02/02/2017Company news

GL events will launch the industry’s first leadership forum at the Event Production Show, as part of UK Events Week, in March. The session, co-hosted by the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA), will bring together senior leadership figures from the world of outdoor events to address the long-term future of our events industry.

The Outdoor Events Leadership Forum is the latest initiative to arise from GL events’ support of NOEA, as the organisation’s official Futures Supporter. GL events’ objectives in hosting the event are to assist in shaping and furthering conversations within NOEA’s membership, and to advance understanding of the future trends that will impact upon the outdoor events industry.

The closed-door event will unite industry leaders, from event organisers to production companies, from and across the events industry supply chain. Participants will discuss areas such as the future of ticketing, event technology, macro-economic factors, commercialisation of the industry, and the shape of outdoor events of the future.

“This forum is the first event of its kind in the outdoor events market,” comments Scott Jameson, GL events UK Managing Director. “Other sectors of the industry are looking to understand the kind of events they will be delivering as far as 20 or 30 years from now. It’s therefore important to us, as NOEA’s Futures Supporter, that we help the industry look to the future and, more importantly, to prepare for it.”

“One of the objectives of NOEA this year is to understand the industry that we are entering in 2017 and beyond, and to share findings with our members,” comments Andy Grove, Interim President of NOEA. “We’re working with GL events to bring some of the industry’s key people together, and to scope out the areas we need to investigate to get an insight into what the future holds for outdoor events.”

The Outdoor Events Industry Leadership Forum will take place as part of UK Events Week at the Event Production Show, 1st March 17. Findings from the session will be shared with NOEA members for comment, as well as with the wider outdoor events industry.