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GL events UK announces £½m product investment for 2016

By 05/05/2016September 30th, 2016Company news

GL events UK has invested over £500,000 on new and innovative products, and the refurbishment of existing accessories ahead of a major summer for the business. The investment follows two high profile director acquisitions and will see the company continue to build on its reputation for ‘outstanding delivery’.

The investments include new design components that will add even more ‘shine’ to the structures, as well as refurbishments of existing product that will set them apart at events. The company is also bringing in new technology to the world of temporary structure and seating and stadia to allow greater choice for event organisers and an enhanced experience for guests.

“This is the next step in securing the continuation of the very highest standards from our business this year,” comments Scott Jameson, Managing Director, GL events UK. “We’ve attracted the right leadership team and now we’ve made intelligent investments in our product. It means we’ll continue with the same outstanding delivery, but also raise the bar in terms of innovation and finish, so that our structures turn heads at events.”

Material improvements will include; new and re-finished doors, an important part of the first impression for guests visiting the structure; investment in additional cassette flooring; and re-powder-coated accessories across the structures. There will also be newly designed bi-fold glass frontages, which means they can be easily thrown open to let the British summer in, or vice versa!

Finally, the company has made a series of investments in new ‘accessible’ entrances to ensure all hospitality areas are easily and conveniently accessed by everyone. “Our clients expect us to produce venues and spaces that offer the same standards of comfort and hospitality as any permanent venue, this means easy access for everyone,” concludes Jameson.