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GL events UK visits the NSPCC at Childline

The GL events UK team has raised more than £1,000 for the NSPCC since beginning our partnership this September. From the outset, our corporate partnership manager, Dani, has been nothing but gracious and encouraging in her support of our fundraising. The charity appreciates our efforts; despite this money being just a drop in the ocean of the practical and financial support achieved by NSPCC’s incredible staff, volunteers and donors every day.

While we’ve enjoyed coming together to do fun, silly and challenging things to raise money, we wanted to know more about the NSPCC. So, last night, three members of the team paid a visit to our local NSPCC and Childline service centre, on an outreach mission to gain an insight into the charity’s essential work on the front line.

Finance Manager Karen (an NSPCC supporter for many years), Project Manager Nic, and IT Technician William, all jumped at the chance to experience a shift at the Nottingham Childline base. They joined Dani in the briefing room to meet staff and volunteers and learn about their work throughout a typical, live four-hour shift.

Childline provides a confidential space for children to discuss any welfare concerns they may have, either over the phone, or via web-chat. As you’d expect, the team’s access to these extremely important and potentially lifesaving conversations was, of course, restricted to accompanied observation of the team in action. Between calls and chats, counsellors were able to chat to the GL events team, talking about their experience, motivations and the challenges encountered within their work.

William Kibble, GL events UK Group IT Technician, explained: “We were made to feel so welcome and, at the start of the trip, were just blown away by how kind and passionate everybody was. But as the shift got underway, reality kicked in, and we realised just how far from plain sailing life can be for young people. It really shocked us and gave me a lot to think about.

“One volunteer had given up her time every week for 18 years: almost my entire lifetime. I was amazed and inspired by her determination to help others. I thought the online chat offering was great. Users can draw and doodle, take as long as they want to talk, and even hit an in-chat ‘panic button’ to quickly open up a neutral webpage.”

GL events UK Project Manager, Nic Hardy, continued: “We walked away even more motivated to help. Getting to know the team and their work on behalf of real children was a massive eye-opener. As well as this, we learned about the difference made by donations.

“Last year, Childline volunteers delivered more than 250,000 counselling sessions to children and young people. It costs £30,000 every day to keep Childline’s services running. Almost 90 per cent of NSPCC’s funding comes from fundraisers – without this money, the charity would have to start closing services within four months. To know we’re helping to fight for every childhood is so powerful!”

GL UK Finance Manager, Karen Sawbridge, added: “The counsellors are amazing with young service-users. It costs £4 to answer a call from a child with nowhere else to turn and every pound donated could make all the difference. We walked away full of energy to spread the word and help out as much as we can.”

We’re passionate about our work at GL events, but the work of the NSPCC’s heroes is not only life-affirming – it’s lifesaving. We all know that in order to feel good, you need to start by doing good for others. By supporting the NSPCC, we’re contributing to essential services for the many children and families who benefit from its help and support. But also, we’re hoping to make a difference to the lives of our own people here at GL events.


This video gives an insight into Childline’s 24-hour, 365-days a year support of children and young people.