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Our events industry is fit for the future

By 08/11/2017Company news

Predicting the future can be a thankless and almost impossible endeavor. For us, though, attempting to do so is a productive, rewarding and incredibly important mission. It’s difficult; but in the act of simply trying, we can create value.

For more than one year, GL events UK has been a Futures Supporter of the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA). We entered into this partnership because we want to create a better, more productive, and commercial industry; something we can achieve by supporting its key trade associations. The world is changing, and we want to help create an events industry that’s better prepared for what comes next: be it opportunity or threat.

To do this, we are focusing attention on two themes. First, as part of the series of discussions and research projects we have commissioned, we look to the future with our industry colleagues and fellow NOEA members, to understand the future of the events industry in twenty, thirty or even fifty years’ time.

These projects are rewarding, not just because they allow us to begin new industry conversations and gain new insights; but because, while there is a huge appetite for better understanding of the future, this subject has never been so comprehensively addressed.

The second topic we’re addressing is the conversations between those who organise events, and the many suppliers who support them. Again, this is rewarding subject matter. When a customer chooses GL events, they put a huge amount of faith in our business, our ability to get things right on the day and to enable them as a long-term partner. We’re invested in their success; we want our clients’ events to grow and prosper, and we’re prepared to use our resources and talents to help make that happen. This relationship can be fundamental to the success of an event, so better conversations are well worth it.

GL events has made its annual transition from summer to winter operations. We’ve started our six-month phased installation of temporary event infrastructure at Cheltenham and, as usual, the team is delivering its very best for our customers. Throughout everything we do, as a leading, global business in the events industry, we’re committed to keeping one eye on the future, and helping everyone to prepare for what comes next.

Scott Jameson, GL events UK Group Managing Director