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Quality in event supply solutions

By 06/12/2017December 21st, 2017Company news

Maybe I’ve been hanging around with too many politicians recently. It seems that for them, saying things three times underlines the importance of a subject. OK… so I had the pleasure of MP and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Events, James Heappey’s company at the recent Showman’s Show and NOEA Awards. Now, there’s a politician who articulates the subjects most important to him very eloquently.

So, my subject is quality. Quality, quality … you get the message.

I’m aware that it’s all too easy for companies to pay lip-service to their ‘commitment to quality.’ What makes GL events any different? For me, quality is about company-wide commitment, and is integral to the culture and processes of our organisation. We’ve developed a series of quality control, reporting, communication and empowerment procedures that assist us in identifying any concerns by examining our performance from every angle. We then deal with any issues to make everything right, quickly, and, if need be, take steps to ensure we get it right next time round.

We supply infrastructure, overlay and support services to some of the greatest events on the planet, on a long-term, yearly basis, and our clients choose us because of our commitment to quality, as well as their belief in GL events as a partner in their business. Quality is really important to them, it’s really important to us, and everyone at GL events has bought into the project. It’s all about quality, at every level, in every department, every second of the day.

The outcomes are really pleasing. Our efforts have brought the team together behind a common cause that everyone can believe in. It’s brought our clients closer to our business, giving them even more confidence in us; its allowed them to put more faith and investment in what we do.

So, we’ll say it again and again: quality isn’t just a marketing promise, a stamp or a certificate (although we’re dedicated to implementing BS EN ISO9001 in Quality Management, and BS EN ISO 14001 in Environmental Management standards across the whole of the GL events UK Group this year)… Quality is in the DNA of our business. It matters.

Scott Jameson

GL events UK Group Managing Director