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Golfing events

From simple golf hospitality tents and temporary golf seating with a relaxed and informal feel, through to structures of the highest specification, and tiered temporary golf grandstands that are breath taking in both comfort and line of sight, GL events excels in providing golf hospitality solutions for events across the UK and around the world.

Exceptional temporary golf seating

So, what makes our golf hospitality solutions so special? Well, let’s start with our seating. We’re all about spectator experience, because the more comfortable your audience is, the more they will enjoy your event. So all our tiered temporary golf seating is 50cmm wide – that’s Olympic standard. More importantly, they are 80cm from front to back, so legroom is not an issue.

While they are robust, our temporary golf grandstands are also built with flexibility in mind. We offer four different styles of rise, as well as standing terraces and viewing platforms. If you want temporary golf seating constructed to include built-in toilet facilities, or retail outlets, we can do that too.

Temporary golf hospitality structures

Another reason our golf hospitality solutions prove so popular with our customers around the world is the versatility of our temporary event structures and marquees for golf events. We can offer streamlined double deck or even triple deck hospitality, offering the highest standards of dining and corporate entertainment. Through to dramatic single deck structures, offering space in abundance and almost limitless configuration opportunities.

Small golf hospitality tents can be added, either in isolation or in clusters, to create a retail village, multiple hospitality chalets or separate areas for office space, storage, ticketing and reception. Our global pedigree means that we are highly experienced in delivering across Europe and the Middle East. In fact, GL events has a presence across five continents, meaning that wherever your golf event is situated – in one location, or an event tour at multiple locations – we can always deliver.