Tennis events

GL events is a key player in providing top-tier tennis hospitality structures and temporary tennis seating solutions. 

Our goal is to elevate your event above the competition by offering innovative solutions. Whether you need additional seating, a complete hospitality village, or engaging activities like short tennis courts to keep the kids entertained, we'll design a solution that works perfectly with your existing site infrastructure. 

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Temporary hospitality structures
Temporary seating

Our approach is centered on fostering creativity for event organizers, so our team collaborates closely with you to craft unique solutions that set your event apart. 

Whether you opt to install a range of temporary event structures, or to use a combination of existing facilities and temporary extensions, our dedicated project manager will deliver a layout that is both functional and visually appealing. 

By using solid wall panels for space division and roof linings to create hospitality lounge areas, we can transform even the most basic areas into captivating guest spaces. Alternatively, our flexible temporary structures come in various sizes  and can be used for ‘back of house’ areas, kitchens and storage areas, toilets, players’ relaxation lounges, as well as all levels of corporate and general hospitality and retail. Our diverse range includes multi-deck structures  which make the most of available footprint, as well as smaller structures suitable for individual retail units or pop up bars and catering spots.

Clearview temporary structure in hospitality and catering area at Rothesay Open Tennis Notts 2023. Supplied by GL events UK

If you require additional spectator seating to supplement your courts, we'll customise a tennis seating solution to suit your space. We can provide extra raised seating at the back of courts, fill in corner areas to create a full temporary tennis grandstand, or start from scratch on outside courts.

Because our seating is built to Olympic standard, it is all 50cm wide, with seats set 80cm deep, guaranteeing spectators the most comfortable viewing experience, with clear lines of sight. We can also offer seats with padded covers in a range of colours for a full VIP experience.

Temporary grandstand seating at Rothesay Classic Birmingham 2023, provided by GL events UK

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Our products

Explore our range of products, designed to work together to enhance every aspect of your sporting event 

Media boxes at sport event supplied by GL events UK

Commentary & media boxes

Camera platform and temporary seating at The Open, St Andrews, provided by GL events UK

Camera platforms

Rolex branded temporary structure at Evian Championships, supplied by GL events UK


Temporary walkway, fencing and hospitality structures at Rothesay Classic Birmingham 2023, supplied by GL events UK

Walkways & flooring

Leaderboard and screen HNA Open De France, supplied by GL events UK


Additional solutions for tennis events

Whatever the scale and scope of your requirements, we’ll provide bespoke or off-the-peg solutions, options and extras to create an outstanding event aesthetic and spectator experience.

From flooring and walkways, through to camera towers and media boxes, we can provide complete turnkey options for your event.

  • Accessibility
  • Branding
  • Camera platforms
  • Fencing
  • HVAC
  • Commentary & media boxes
  • Lighting
  • Signage
  • Flooring & walkways
  • Toilets
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