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Space = Freedom

By 20/06/2016September 7th, 2016Company news

Debs Armstrong, creator of Summerland and arguably one of the most dynamic and creative people working in the events industry at the moment, didn’t start her career as an event professional but as an artist.

Anyone who has listened to the career of Debs will have heard how her art focused on the creation of spaces, visual experiences and storytelling. She created immersive environments; little worlds that people could walk into and through. It’s no wonder this skill was transferred to the events industry and is being applied with such finesse.

At GL events UK we love working with people like Debs as they see our role in the process in the same way we do. We’re creative folks of course, but our priority is to enable creative people by giving them the structures and spaces they need. What is more, we build spaces whenever and wherever they want them; we then open the doors and let the event organisers do their thing.

From a practical point of view, our job is to make the structures safe, usable and comfortable environments; we create the classic blank canvass and make it workable. We can then build these spaces in places that are convenient to the guest, or that offers the context or view that can add to the experience being created. This could be next to a major sporting event, in the middle of a metropolis or in the middle of nowhere.

We talk a lot about the demands that ambitious event creatives are asking from us, and the growing confidence in the quality of temporary structures to house the worlds they wish to create. These places can be humble conference or exhibition venues, magnificent parties and premiers, or delicate and fine corporate hospitality spaces.

In each case the organiser cares about what goes on inside the venue, but equally the experience the guest has getting to it, and the world that exists outside of it. These considerations continue to grow in importance, and comes from the increasing emphasis brands put on ‘experience’ in motivating customers or incentivising people, clients or stakeholders.

It’s reassuring to see the industry really investing in creative talent and understanding the value it brings to business. But also that we can play our own part in the creative process. This summer we’ll do our bit to enable some amazing things to happen because of the vision of some amazing people.

We’re looking forward to sharing.