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Sustainability is a Hallmark of Quality

By 29/03/2018Company news

Scott Jameson, GL events UK Group Managing Director, is encouraging events businesses to show their sustainability credentials as part of a demonstration of the quality and professionalism of the industry. His statement follows the launch of the company’s first ever research project into industry views on sustainability, and the growing emphasis corporate event organisers and sponsors are placing on the subject.

“Our industry that has become a global leader in sustainable practices at events and there are many other market sectors that could learn a lot from what we do and how we do it,” commented Scott. “One of our core practices at GL events is our pursuit of exceptional quality, and for us, sustainability is a hallmark of quality, as well as one way of demonstrating business as well as industry excellence.”

“This isn’t just about turning the lights off and recycling, it’s about creating and promoting a culture that genuinely cares about the effects of live events on the local, national and global communities,” continued Scott. “It shows our industry as one that is professional, conscientious and sustainable in its own right, it’s a great statement from business that work in outdoor events.”

Many businesses within the outdoor events industry are seeing sustainability and CSR growing upon the agenda of corporate businesses and brands working within the events industry. The approach of the event, and of the supporting businesses contributing to it, towards sustainability will continue to rise in decision-making processes around sponsorship and investment in outdoor events.

GL events UK has launched an events industry-wide research project to understand the opinions towards sustainability of those within it, and as part of a wider promotion of the very best sustainable practices within the industry.

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